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  • Nature inspires Jasim Uddin Masum to craft people’s stories

Nature inspires Jasim Uddin Masum to craft people’s stories

Jasim Uddin Masum. COURTESY

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  • Published: 05 Sep 2022, 01:41 AM

When telling stories on nature and people, Jasim Uddin Masum uses simple word choice to portray the psychophysical emotions of commoners as protagonists. 

There is a great deal of sensitivity in the human mind and the battle of the middle class to control the harsh impossibility. There are both monetary and personal losses. And all of these leave people with significant emotional wounds.

People are frightened to see themselves floating in the blessed void. Since overpowering emotions is ineffective in materialistic literature, Jasim Uddin Masum places a lot of attention on the fluid description of psychophysical emotions. 

Women are society's main source of progress. The writer desires to see this woman seated in a position of dignity. In order to maintain women's leadership roles in the family and work spheres, a novel with a deep and nuanced psychological sense has developed to resemble the period of time when religious superstition, poverty, the beauty of families, and the pace of daily life were in flux. 

Values are now bold because of poverty. The Hena character of 'Krantikaal' novel has so rattled everyone's windows of consciousness. Religious values sometime kill humanity and humanity becomes hard earning what is also portrait in the novel.  

The author once more wrote on the psychological thoughts of women in the 2021 novel 'Dui Purush'. He has mostly used the lives of two men from different eras to paint a picture of the psychological stress experienced by a woman who is behind her generation in terms of family life.

Miss conception and mislead offers living in darkness of a human, what is not offered rather achieved by the characters.

The family thought story has been impacted by this book. In addition, this novel has drawn attention to anti-culture, anti-politics, and unfavourable family dynamics. 

The recently published novel “Chandrasnan” is essentially a documentary of psychological trauma and human despair. Mihir's human values are plagued by poverty. In the story, the writer portrays the relationship between father and son in terms of wealth which, the protagonist Mihir couldn’t accept the harsh reality of the society. 

Every situation is different from the last. Lack of morals and intolerance offer a fresh viewpoint. Making a story flow effectively and dynamically is literature's primary concern.

Jasim Uddin Masum, a craftsman of words, has offered his own style of description in terms of specific occurrences and reciprocal interaction in story from this point of view.

Reading his story makes me feel more like a picture report is hanging in front of my eyes rather than like I'm actually reading. 
In the brain, the characters are moving.

All of his stories have characters who adhere to the social order as it is in reality. There is no misalignment. He also dabbled in prose writing, but he is best known for his poetry. 

The prose of Sunil Gangopadhyay, Samaresh Majumdar, and Abul Hasan influenced the writer from a place of personal preference. 
Humayun Ahmed greatly influenced by some of his works in terms of emotions and charged compositions. Instead of imitation, it might be called imitation. 

The novelist leads a straightforward, clear-minded life, where there is no conflict between work and literary endeavors, because he believes in rationality in her personal life. He is driven by a great desire to write well-reasoned essays. 

Jasim, a corporate professional, made his literary debut during student life. He wrote a ton of poems and several plays in the early years of his professional career. His words bring to life the magic of nature, the disadvantaged members of society, and the plight of women. 

His poetry collection ‘Baire Kokhono Bristi Hoyni’ was released in 2019 and the best-selling book ‘Krantikaal’ reached shelves in 2020.

The 2021 book ‘Dui Purush’ became well-liked by readers. The author who values relationships released ‘Chandrasnan’, his most recent book, in 2022.
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