• DECEMBER 01, 2023

Keep your foods free from contamination

Bangladesh, with its rich history and diverse cultural influence, represents a culinary cuisine that is vibrant, flavorful, and deep-rooted in tradition. Food plays a crucial role in the lives of Bangladeshis, and it is often the key element of social gatherings, celebrations and special occasions. Along with festive food consumption, food storage is equally essential. Whether one is running a food business, preparing weekly meals as a bachelor, or reserving red meat in bulk post-Eid-ul-Azha, how we store food matters the most.

Food storage means more than just proper cooking and distribution. Let us delve further into the key factors that make a proper food storage system.

Separate and label Store food in clean, 

food-grade storage containers that are strong enough for the food they contain. If containers are reusable, wash and sanitize properly before using them. Do not reuse containers that are only meant to be used once. The best way to separate the items in the refrigerator is to use food labels or tags on the trays or containers and not on the item itself. Besides, airtight containers or freezer bags are very good options if you want to prevent the meat from losing flavor or absorbing the smell of other food. 

Prevent cross-contamination After Eid-ul-Azha, 

most Bangladeshi refrigerators are now packed with raw meat. On days of delightful feasting, the raw meat will be taken out, and this may cause the meat juices to drip down and contaminate the cooked food. Bacteria from raw food can contaminate cooked food; as a result, bacteria can multiply to dangerous levels if the food is not cooked thoroughly again. Hence, store raw food in sealed or covered containers at the bottom of the fridge. Raw food and cooked food should be stored separately in the fridge. 

Work smart to increase shelf life 

Now is the time to invest in a refrigerator model that offers effective temperature control and storage system. The key to extending the shelf-life of perishables is to ensure optimal humidity and temperature so that moisture in the fridge can remain separate from the freezer. To ensure this, Samsung offers a high-end technology, Twin Cooling PlusTM technology that adds new levels of convenience and innovation with its two evaporators that manage the fridge and freezer space separately to minimize temperature fluctuation. This makes it possible to control optimal humidity and temperature because moisture in the fridge can remain separate from the freezer. Simultaneously, ‘Twin Cooling PlusTM’ feature cools the freezer and fridge compartments separately so, the odor from the vegetable and meat section will never mix! 

If stored properly, some foods can be stored longer than their estimated shelf life. However, it is advised that red meat, in particular, is mixed with salt, masala and vinegar to elongate the expiration date further. Ensuring food safety is of paramount importance, and the best way to do that is to store them properly and safely. After all, as a population heavily reliant on festivities and cultural food, it is crucial to address the need for proper food storage in Bangladesh.

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