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  • Md. Siful Islam: Role model to the youth

Md. Siful Islam: Role model to the youth

Md. Siful Islam. COURTESY

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  • Published: 01 Sep 2022, 06:07 AM

When the number of unemployed in the country is increasing day by day, then Md. Siful Islam set a unique example. He became self-reliant with his own efforts and dreamed hundreds of young people. He paved the way for the followers. This is how Md. Siful Islam became the role model to the youth.

Md. Siful Islam started his journey as an entrepreneur in his student days. In 2016, he bought two computers and started free-lancing. In a very short time, he realized that there is no shortage of work in the world market. Only skills is required. It is possible to earn through freelancing if you acquire the appropriate skills.

Siful spread his thoughts among the youngsters. He invested his earned money and stablished 'Advanced Skills Development Institute' to help people to be prepared. In his organization, he arranged various trainings including graphic design, web site coding for the youth. At the end of short and long term skilling courses, he showed the youth the way of free-lancing. Thousands of youths trained by his institution in the last few years are now earning on their own way.

Now the number of computers in Siful Islam's organization is forty eight. The number of employees including trainers is sixty five. The employment of these sixty five people are not his only achievement. His main achievement is to train thousands of youths to become self-reliant.

In this context, Md. Siful Islam said, "After graduation, many people get frustrated looking for jobs. But people are looking for workers from different parts of the world. Every educated person can become self-reliant by doing those tasks through free-lancing. But these jobs require skill. If you start working with a little training, you can find comfort in free-lancing.

Md. Siful Islam said that no one has to be unemployed after completing his studies if he gives time to free-lancing. They just need concentration. There are different types of works. Young people can do those things only if they have a computer and internet line.

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