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Sun Shines Bright at Commward 2023

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  • Published: 11 Sep 2023, 12:58 PM

Commward 2023, an esteemed celebration of ground breaking ideas in the creative communication and advertising industry of Bangladesh, was held on September 9, 2023. On this prestigious event, the most thought provoking and clatter-breaking creative works of 2022 were awarded. Among the standout achievers of the evening, Sun Communications Limited shone brightly by securing a remarkable tally of 8 awards across various categories for its exceptional campaign, 'Senora-Meye Tomar Swostir Jonnyo’. The awards are Reza Ali Independent Spirit Award 2023, Titanium, Grand Prix in Rural Marketing and Campaign for Sustainability, Gold in Campaign for Women, Efficacy, and Brand Experience & Promotion, and Silver in PR category. After this achievement, the authorities of Sun Communications expressed gratitude to Senora and Square Toiletries Limited. The agency has also pledged its commitment to develop innovative campaigns that will lead our country towards a sustainable future.

About ‘Meye Tomar Swostir Jonnyo’

The adolescent girls of Kaikhali Union in the Satkhira district were facing a severe problem. They were taking contraceptive pills to stop their menstrual periods, all to avoid using cloth rags during their periods and subsequently washing them in unclean, saline water. Using saline water for menstrual hygiene creates various diseases. However, using contraceptive pills is even more detrimental as it severely impacts the girls' reproductive systems.Senora came forward to help these women. The brand installed 12 water tanks at 6 points in Kaikhali Union, organized 'Uthan Boithok' to raise awareness, and distributed free sanitary napkins for 6 months. Senora also created a few 'Nora Apa’s, a group of trained women who can help the girls of Kaikhali with health problems and provide proper advice on periods. Teenagers can also buy sanitary napkins from Nora Apa at a low cost.
Senora did not stop here. The brand has set up a state-of-the-art de-salination unit at Kaikhali to permanently solve the problem. This unit provides about 250 liters of safe water per hour.
This campaign was creatively designed and executed for Senora by Sun Communications Limited. This initiative has brought revolutionary changesin the lives of2,000 teenage girls of Kaikhali Union. They are no longer taking contraceptive pills, are now completely safe from health-related hazards. Senora's aspiration is to spread this safety, comfort, and happiness to every girl in Bangladesh.

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