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  • Taskin Ahmed signed as Turaag Active’s new Brand Ambassador

Taskin Ahmed signed as Turaag Active’s new Brand Ambassador

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  • Published: 21 Aug 2023, 09:42 AM

Celebrity cricketer Taskin Ahmed is set to be the next face of Turaag Active! The renowned activewear brand has recently signed the essential member of the Bangladesh Tigers’ pace department as its Brand Ambassador.

The signing ceremony took place at the Turaag Active head office, with the presence of Faiaz Rahman, Founder & Director of Turaag Active, and other senior officials from the organization. A brand of Wave Riders, Turaag Active has been redefining the contemporary market for activewear by incorporating modern fashion technology, design and innovation.

It has gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts, particularly among those from the younger generation, who give style and comfort an equal priority. As a sportsman who is consistently striving to achieve a better physical and mental fitness, Taskin Ahmed genuinely adopts this very lifestyle and philosophy and therefore has been chosen by Turaag Active as the perfect face to represent the brand. “We are thrilled to onboard Taskin Ahmed as our Brand Ambassador”, said Faiaz Rahman, Founder & Director of Turaag Active.

“He definitely shows the integrity to inspire many individuals to embrace an energetic and fashionable lifestyle that seamlessly blends fashion and functionality. And this is where Turaag Active’s vision to infuse uniqueness perfectly merges. Together, we aim to champion a new era of versatile and trendsetting activewear, motivating people to stay confident and fashion-forward”, he added. Following the partnership, Tasking Ahmed will take part in various marketing and promotional activities for Turaag Active from now onwards. Find out Turaag Active’s latest and exclusive collections with lucrative deals from the brand’s official website, or visit its social media channel for more.

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